Dust Free Sanding

Mark Rogers Decorating dust free sanding

Dust Free Sanding – Why use it?

Dust free sanding in our opinion is an absolute necessity when painting and decorating. At Mark Rogers Decorating we have looked into the health concerns surrounding the harmful sanding dust that is produced when we carry out both interior and exterior painting and decorating in and around Leicester. As professional painters and decorators in Leicester, a big part of our job is obviously preparation. This involves removing or repairing the original surface before it can be painted, stained or varnished. To remove the existing coating, we use either wire wheels or sanding discs. They are designed to loosed and lift the old surface and leave the original surface ready for our Leicester painters and decorators to apply the new finish. These tools unfortunately also enable the debris from these coatings to become airborne which can then breathed in and go on to cause long term health issues in the future.

What Is Dust Free Sanding?

However, a lot of these coatings and finishes have harmful properties and certain ones such as MDF (medium density fibreboard) have even been linked to cancer and other health issues. For this reason, Mark Rogers Decorating has incorporated the latest dust free sanding systems from leading tool manufacturers such as Festool. These sanding tools use reliable and effective extraction systems similar to a domestic hoover, except these are more durable and hard wearing. As the particles are removed, the vast majority is sucked up and held in a dedicated container. This container is sealed and portable which makes it easy to remove from site and empty safely. We also provide all of our painters and decorators with facial breathing masks as an extra protection due to the fact that the particles are minute and passed about as they attach to tools and surfaces. The Festool manages to catch almost all of these particles but sanding equipment uses a vibrating pad which will undoubtedly shake some loose once lifted from the surface but compare the environment to one that isnt using the dust free system and you will immediately see and feel the difference.


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